About Standerton Mills

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Quality Yarn & Woven Industrial Fabrics

Standerton Mills Pty Ltd was established in 1947 in the town of Standerton, Mpumalanga province it`s location is ideally suited to cover the major manufacturing centers of South Africa. Our factory is housed in a 25000m2 building with more than 200 textile machines driven and maintained by more than 500 employees on 3 shifts (24 hours) and a day shift. Our product range is diverse and caters for many local and international companies to use our yarn and fabrics.

Core activities:

a) Reinforcement fabrics and yarns for the tyre & rubber industry
b) Home textiles including toweling.
c) Industrial yarns and fabrics.
d) Fabrics and twines for the agricultural markets.
e) Reinforcement fabrics and yarns for civil engineering and construction applications.

The company is continually evolving to meet changing market conditions, and continues to identify new products/markets to keep at the forefront of business. It is ideally positioned to meet the growing demand of the changing marketplace.

1947 standerton mills bale store
Standerton Mills raw material store 1947