Reinforcement fabrics and yarns for the tyre & rubber industry.

belting fabrics

Belting Fabrics

A key part of our expertise is to work closely with our customers. We manufacture a virtually limitless line of belt carcasses that assist our customers to produce a broad selection of conveyor belts. These carcasses can be manufactured using a broad range of materials including polyester, nylon, cotton, aramid, fiberglass and combinations of these materials.
A range of finishes can be applied to these fabrics, such as nitrile, RFL and isocyanate solutions, to adapt to the various compounds used.

breaker fabrics

Breaker Fabrics

We produce a range of breaker fabrics to customer specifications, a leno construction is normally used for these types of fabric and are RFL treated after the weaving process. Fabric constructions range from light to heavy and are available in various widths and lengths to suit individual customer requirements. All our breaker fabrics are tested for the relevant physical parameters prior to leaving our premises.

solid woven fabrics

Solid Woven Fabrics

As well as manufacturing to customer specifications Eb/Pb and Eb/Eb classifications, we can offer custom designed solid woven fabrics using a variety of yarns to suit the end purpose of the finished belt. Fabric widths can be produced up to 2150mm and fabric classes range from class 315 up to class 3000. In addition, fabrics using aramid yarns can be produced as well as straight warp fabrics.

solid woven fabrics

Hose Reinforcing Fabrics

A broad range of reinforcing yarns and fabrics are manufactured, and if required can be tailor made to suit individual customer specifications. Contact us for further information on these products