Reinforcement fabrics and yarns for civil engineering and construction.

reinforcement fabrics

While almost any textile can be used, we mostly work with textiles made from polypropylene (PP) because it is hydrophobic. We developed and patented an autogenous bonding process (PP to PP) in which PP fibres are bonded to PP stretched tapes or filaments.

CemStrands can be woven into textiles for use in concrete. Any load placed on the structure will be transferred into the layers of textile; the product will deflect under that load, and pull itself back into shape after the load is removed.

An added advantage of this type of material is that no steel is used making the structure thinner, lighter and there are no corrosive elements in the structure. Textile concrete is ductile, tough, weather-resistant and durable. In South Africa it has been used in mining applications, some of which are two kilometers below sea level, and on fascia panels as much as two kilometers above sea level. It has been used throughout Southern Africa, in the Indian Ocean islands, UAE, Oceania and in the Americas.