Agricultural Fabrics

crop protection fabrics

Crop Protection Fabrics

The company manufactures woven netting for many agricultural and outdoor applications. The fabrics are woven from UV-Stabilised HDPE yarns to give a useful working life in the South African sun. Standard widths are available up to and including 3000mm, with continuous lengths of up to 1000m.

• Hail netting
• Shade netting

hail netting

Hail Netting

The leno woven fabric utilized for this application is dimensionally stable and can be easily erected and properly tensioned. Woven nets can be attached to the supporting cables or structure without a significant loss of width. Spans of up to 200m can be covered without joins, and offer maximum protection of your crops from hail damage.

shade netting

Shade Netting

These fabrics are available in a variety of width and lengths. Protection is graded as 40, 60 and 80 percent with the choice of fabrics dependent on the variety and location of the plants to be protected. A woven fabric offers dimensional stability not offered by its knitted counterpart.

Other insect and protection nets are available on request.
Contact us for further information.

game fencing fabrics

Game Fencing Fabrics

This material is mainly used in game capturing, Game fencing is also very effective where animals need a very good visual barrier around their fence to help calm and control them. Because of the colour and density, the material has a variety of uses at safari camps and other farms. I.e. shade, hoof mats, general covers.

weed mat fabrics

Weed Mat Fabrics

Fabric Weed Mat gives superior weed control. It is chemical-free, allows air, water and nutrients to pass through. It is also tough and strong, it offers good resistance to sharp or abrasive rocks. The brown colour blends in well with bark mulch, and is easily cut with scissors to fit.

• Allows air, water and nutrients to pass through to plant roots.
• Durable: you can walk on it, drag containers over it, even run a wheelbarrow over it without worry.