Do you need cotton mop yarn?

Traditional cotton string mops (mop yarn) are great to use because of their absorbency and scrubbing power. The mops make getting into corners very easy, are very inexpensive, and do a great job at cleaning floors. A good floor mop will be your best friend when it comes to keeping your floors clean. The best mops are easy to push, are manoeuvrable enough to get into corners and under cupboards, and won't buckle when you need to lean in and use a bit of muscle to scrub.

Before you can mop, start with dry cleaning to remove bigger debris; either sweeping with a broom, dusting with a dust mop, or using a good vacuum cleaner designed for hard floors. When ready to mop, they can be used with a bucket, or you can just wet them in the sink, wring and mop. Some have systems for wringing, while others need to be wrung out manually, or you can use a bucket with a wringer. The cotton string mop can be used with any cleaning solution you choose.

All our mops are 100% cotton and manufactured right here in sunny SA.
Happy mopping.